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Standing Fearless: When Kindness Takes Courage

Standing Fearless

My word for this year is Fearless. What does this mean? Sometimes it’s more than being a Fearless Mama Bear, taking a brave adventure or starting a new phase of life you are unsure you are ready for. Often we choose these words and patterns in life to change without knowing what circumstances we will face, but trusting God to fill in the gaps when we feel like we cannot follow through.

Last year I was faced with a difficult person that would challenge every part of my belief of myself. It challenged the lack of value I felt in my heart although my mind knew it was a lie. It challenged the lies that had been spread mouth to mouth among people who criticize without grace or understanding. It challenged my resiliency and though I had long felt weak, I began to feel strong with the power of God in me.

I faced giants in my life that I had long thought could never be slayed. It left me feeling oddly both strong and broken but either way, I had done what God had called me to do. Sometimes God does call us to both a place of strength and brokenness, I held firm in that.

That was last year, so I’m off the hook for this year, correct? There is truly no end to a Fairy Tale. I am a character in the story of my life, when one chapter ends another begins. I have been again called to a time where kindness is being required of me by God under difficult circumstances. Sometimes God uses our littles to bring our own truths to the surface.

First courage then kindness

This morning after days of hearing my daughters argue and treat each other quite badly we sat down for a real heart to heart. Dreaming Daughter tearfully told me, “It’s just so hard to be kind to my sister who is younger than I am, sometimes she is just SO mean. When I watch Cinderella it reminds me to be kind even when it is hard.” Then she runs for her bible and hands it to me asking for the verses she needs to remember kindness. First, I wonder why God blessed me with such a sweetheart of a girl and why this argument ever bothered me so bad in the first place. We read 1 Corinthians 13 and let the truths of the bible sink deep into our hearts, both hers and mine.

Then we watched Cinderella!

So here we are having a relaxing afternoon watching Cinderella when a truth began to permeate my heart. The line from the movie is “Have courage & be kind”. It’s such a beautiful story, I’m sure we’ve all seen it, of a girl put under great trial only to face it with kindness far longer than one could possibly bear. Cinderella is isolated and alone yet she does what is right.

Is there a more fearful place in this life than isolation from those who love you? Then put under trials to bear on our own? I don’t know many grown ups who could handle it yet she is just a child. Thank God for children, they choose to see such good in people!

When love begins with faith & hope in God

When God calls us to perform great kindness, it requires great courage. There is no other way! In order to choose kindness over our own desires God will give us the courage we need to see it through.

“And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.” 1 Corinthians 13:13

God tell us in 1 Corinthians 13 that above all, we are called to love.

Sometimes the concept of loving people who have hurt us is too much to grab onto. We are falling down a black hole grasping from something to hang onto. Is it possible that if we start by having faith and hope, love will soon find it’s way back into our hearts?

If you are facing a difficult person, start with having faith in God and hope that He will comfort you when it’s extremely difficult.

Pray for strength.

Have courageous kindness.

Be fearless,

In time love will follow.

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