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8 Read Aloud Books For Boys


8 Read Aloud Books For Boys (2)

Finding good books for elementary age boys isn’t always easy, but it is possible! Over our many years reading some wonderful books we have stumbled upon quite a few favorites. Often I will hear parents say that they just cannot get their young boys interested in reading books. So when I find a good stack of books for boys full of adventure, humor and mystery, I will be sharing it with my readers! Have I mentioned my daughters enjoyed these immensely as well? Just a perk if everyone enjoys it but these books are going to get your uninterested boy readers coming back for more!

Homer Price

Written by Robert McCloskey the adventures of Homer Price are set during a classic time in a small town that will leave you feeling nostalgic for the past. Homer is just a regular boy and manages to find himself in quite a few predicaments that are wildly unusual. The first chapter begins with a pet skunk and some bandits, the rest of the book keeps you guessing all the way until the end!

Captain Nobody

Newt Newman is the kid that just blends in. After his brother, who is the star of the football team experiences a tragic accident, Newt finally begins to stand out. With the help of his friends he manages to take his mind off his families troubles and gain the attention of those around him in his new role as Captain Nobdy. But will his very distracted family take notice? Find out yourself in this heartwarming story! Written by Dean Pitchford.

Detectives In Togas

This is a mystery that will keep you both laughing, thinking and on the edge of your seat. A group of boys from school have a problem to solve when a school prank turns into a serious crime. The plot is so rich it kept me reading ahead while my kids were in bed! Set during the times of the Roman empire it is full of historical details, your boys will learn so much just from putting themselves right into the story until finally solving the crime. If you want another Roman mystery check out Mystery of the Roman Ransom by the same author.  Written by Henry Winterfeld.

The Usborne Library Of Fantasy And Adventure: Tales Of Robin Hood

My maiden name is Sherwood so I have always had a special place in my heart for the stories of Robin Hood. This book which is illustrated by Ron Tiner, has colorful pictures many of which are a full page in size. The story itself is the most detailed as well as compelling I have ever read of the adventures of Robin Hood & Maid Marian. Full of examples of bravery, adventure and suspense this is one my littles enjoy reading often and I am glad for them to enjoy.

Sir Lancelot The Great

Gerald Morris wrote this book as part of The Knights Tales series and is my Tenderhearted Guy’s absolute favorite! This book tells the story Sir Lancelot The Great, one of the knights of the round table, who sets off on some heroic and hilarious adventures. As long as he gets his afternoon nap Sir Lancelot is ready to take on a good fight or solve a good problem.

Henry Huggins

Written by the beloved Beverly Cleary, Henry Huggins brings you back to your own childhood when kids ran around finding adventure together. It all begins when Henry meets a dog who quickly becomes his favorite friend Ribsy. Together they become inseparable while finding all kinds of excitement together.  Henry gets pretty good at finding ways to earn money to replace things Ribsy sinks his teeth into!

Red Sails To Capri

This story takes place on the beautiful island of Capri, Italy. Life is pretty dull for Michele until he sees a boat with red sails approaching the harbor and he knows in that moment excitement is headed his way. With this ship brings three unique visitors each in search of something different, for Michele it brings both adventure and mystery! Together they unveil the mystery of the cove which has had the entire town living in fear since as long as anyone can remember.

The Green Ember

The adventures of Heather and Pickett are so packed with suspense it is difficult to put this book down. These sword bearing rabbits will inspire young boys & girls to live courageously in the face of difficult obstacles! Author S.D. Smith has developed a deep set of characters in this book & the plot is intricate, but kept at a perfect pace for young readers! We are looking forward to the sequel!

Here are a few book series perfect for young readers to tackle on their own!


Hope your little guy enjoys one of these excellent books for either the Summer or the School Year!

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