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An Organized Homeschool Life: Fantasy or Possibility?

Once upon a time I was a details person, then I had kids, 4 of them! Now I am Type A divided by 4, with a square root of Toddler plus Homeschool. If you understood any of that then you know it is Mom Math and the answer is chaos. When I went from having to keep track of only myself, to a house full of tiny people who require a lot of supervision, well at points it’s become madness. Happy madness but still, madness! There are parts of Motherhood I have down and I am relieved to say that some things flow smoothly. It doesn’t all have to be chaos! I have my cleaning day figured out, a good handle on meal planning and adore Homeschool planning.

The trouble is I am terrible at keeping track of all the details that are important to managing other aspects of my family life. The things that creep up at the worst possible time and in that moment I know, I have dropped the ball on something important. Remembering to send friends notes of encouragement, planning vacations or doing extra organizing around the house all falls aside as more pressing things take over.

When I saw the book The Organized Homeschool Life by Dr. Melanie Wilson I knew I needed to have it. This book has been a lifesaver in the midst of my chaos. Each week of the month there is a challenge that only takes about 15 minutes depending on what you are working on that week. For every category there are a few things listed to do or consider as you are working towards your challenge for the week. These are all tasks that I think about throughout the entire year but are hard to accomplish without having an organized list for each week of the year.


The Organized Homeschool Life

Not only does this book tackle organization related to your house but also tasks related to holidays, homeschooling, bible study and finances.  Many of the challenges are about goal setting in areas like marriage, friendship, parenting and hospitality. Each of these areas are of high importance to me and this book has made it possible to work on these organization and goal related challenges one week at a time!



Most of all I love that these challenges are doable. It is amazing how far 15 minutes can get you each week!

Homeschooling doesn’t have to be chaos, okay maybe sometimes it does.

But one week at a time, we can strive to accomplish a few little things that will become a really big thing by the end of the year.

An Organized Homeschool Life!

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