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Sonlight Tote Bag & Summer Readers Giveaway!

All school year we polish off book after book of quality literature with Sonlight Curriculum. These books become adored treasures but we look forward equally as much to the unplanned books we snatch off library shelves during the Summer. The kids love the extra time to read all sunny afternoon long and the older they get the more they crave a great book or series to devour.

A few weeks ago we found ourselves at the library searching for some books to get started on for the Summer and primarily I was in search of some books for Tenderhearted Boy to read. I picked a book up off the shelf that looked fun to me yet had to convince him it would be worth the space in his section of our library basket. After arriving home I had that feeling Mamas get, grabbed the book, sat in my comfy chair & flipped through the pages only to find less than desireable content for a 1st grader.

Discouraged I put it up high on a shelf to go straight back to the library and wondered why it has to be so difficult to find fun, quality books! I was grateful I had taken a look at the book before my extra sensitive son had, it wouldn’t have gone over well with him! I was still ready for him to get reading something beyond Star Wars graphic novels, as much as I too adore Star Wars, there are just too many other adventures out there to explore within our own little planet.

My kiddos were already excited about summer reading, but it was time to unleash the secret weapon of Summer Reading resources. I went straight to our best source for books, Sonlight.

I had never ordered the Sonlight Summer Readers before but I realized it was time. My kids are getting older and I am willing to invest in their love of reading especially knowing this is getting them books they will enjoy reading. I jumped on the Sonlight website and started looking at titles for the elementary readers for this year as well as years past. My list for my kids was growing as I realized this was going to be my starting point for finding the best books for Summer reading.

One of the best parts of these Readers packages is that most of the books are part of a series, so if your child falls in love with one book that gives them many books to enjoy as well.

Sonlight Curriculum

I grabbed some for my son, daughter and next thing you know I am checking out the list of high school readers for myself. So while my kids are enjoying favorites like Bink & Ollie, you might find me curled up with a Rebecca Stead book, caught up in the perils of friendship for this generation of kids.

For each age group you can choose a set of Summer Readers for boys or girls and you can also grab a readers package from previous years if you have an especially avid reader.

Now my kids have their Summer Readers and they have been absolutely loving them! We have quite a few new favorite reads! It makes my Mama heart happy knowing they have been specially chosen by a company I trust to provide quality literature perfect for my kids age.

I am thrilled to be partnering with Sonlight for a giveaway which includes one Sonlight Summer Readers package and a Sonlight Tote bag for one lucky winner! These books are too good not to share and of course Mama needs a tote bag to carry her books in, I adore my Sonlight tote bag!

The winner can choose any one package of the Sonlight Summer Readers!

If you have any more book recommendations for my elementary age kids I would love to hear in the comments below!

Sonlight Summer Readers & Tote Bag Giveaway!





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