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Homeschool Planet Review: Schedule Help for a Relaxed Homeschool Mom

This is a sponsored post by Homeschool Buyers Co-op. I received the product for free and was compensated for my time. All opinions are honest and I was not required to post a positive review. You can read my disclosure policy here.

Previous school years I didn’t think I needed an online planner like Homeschool Planet, I figured that wasn’t for the relaxed homeschool moms like I am. I thought I was doing pretty good with our homeschool plan because Sonlight Curriculum plans our school year out for us. However this year we started about one month behind our typical schedule and I found myself needing a lot more help with planning as we scrambled to catch up. One of my main goals I had set for this school year, was to get Dreaming Daughter working a bit more independently so I could focus more on my younger kids. Until we discovered Homeschool Planet for her schedule we were not meeting our goals!

Once our year started, it was difficult to stay on track, we would find ourselves ahead in reading but two weeks behind in history. Not only was I flipping between our weekly schedule back and forth to figure out where we were at each day but it was making it difficult for Dreaming Daughter to know what she was expected to do independently each day. I tried writing her assignments out on notebook paper each day, but that was hard for me to keep up with and she wasn’t motivated to follow it.

That is when I stumbled on Homeschool Planet and was given the chance to review it! Typically I try to keep screen free in our homeschool but this looked like an impressive online scheduler for homeschool families. I decided to give it a try and see if it would work for my family and the results exceeded my highest expectations.

How Homeschool Planet Works

Now at the beginning of each month I sit down with our schedule and simply enter all my daughters assignments into the Homeschool Planet planner for the entire month. You can set it up specifically for subjects to be done at a certain time, or if you prefer a relaxed routine like my family, you simply enter everything in without a time assigned to it. Each morning when we get started with school, we simply look at our Homeschool Planet calendar on the computer or open the daily e-mail I get with all her assignments each morning on my phone.

Any subject or assignment can be edited if you need to move things around in your calendar. The scheduler can be used to track grades, enter notes for students or track hours. Additionally assignments can be entered for multiple children & each student’s schedule can be viewed individually if you prefer to see it that way.

As assignments are completed, you simply check the box! If you work ahead and you check a box for a further date on the schedule, it gives you options for what you want to do with it like move the assignments on the schedule forward or leave it as is.

As a homeschool mom my time is precious, I am always looking for more efficient ways to do things. What I most loved about using Homeschool Planet is that you don’t have to add each assignment individually. Many assignments can be entered for one subject, save the information all at once & move on to the next subject!

Advantages of Using Homeschool Planet for Relaxed Homeschoolers

  • Vacation days are selected in advance so no assignments are planned on those days.
  • Sick or skipped days can be added by simply editing the assignment, the entire schedule can forward as many days as you need.
  • We only do school Monday-Thursday & I was able to set our schedule up to assign subjects on only those days, with Friday off.
  • If you have a day with classes or co-op, subjects can be lightened up on those days to make time for extra curricular activities.
  • Reading Lists can be organized for each family member. Below you can see an example of my reading list for 2018!
  • It helps Mom to see if things have been over or under scheduled and easily make changes to balance it out.
  • Various Virtual Field Trips can be assigned and completed right from the schedule. We are studying ocean animals this year and got to visit a blacktip reef exhibit from the National Aquarium!


Now that I’ve used Homeschool Planet my daughters independent work, I plan on using it for my other kids too. Primarily because it has been so helpful for me to keep track of what we need to do each day. I feel much more calm as I begin teaching because I know exactly what is planned as soon as I check my e-mail in the morning.

Each morning my daughter eagerly asks to see her schedule for the day and is excited to check off each box as she completes her work. There is something very motivating about checking those boxes! My goal of having an independent learner is finally on track!

If you are looking for an improved way to plan your homeschool schedule I highly recommend trying Homeschool Planet!

Try the Homeschool Planet online planner free for 30 days!


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